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Post of the month: April 2022

Beyond borders (and oceans)- E3S next generation group meets Sensory Pantry As one of our main goal is to connect across young researchers and recent graduates in our field , we are very excited to  announce this new collaboration with Sensory Pantry! Sensory Pantry is a science communication hub created by Julia Low and Anita […]

Post of the month: February 2022

As some of you may already know, I’ve been Chair of the E3S Next Generation (NG) group (Previously: Student and Early-Stage Researcher) since 2019. It was a real pleasure to lead the group to what it is today. I feel very lucky to have meet and discuss with such wonderful and open-minded individuals. I am […]

Post of the Month: March 2021

Discovering a new methodology: Senso’flash Nicolas Seince, Research Executive, Techni’sens, France I was at home browsing the internet, I was finding many interesting topics like new recipes, new songs,… but one new sensory methodology intrigued me: Senso’Flash. As a research executive, I needed to get some information on this method and I did, during the […]

Post of the Month: February 2021

A trip to Eurosense 2020 Dr. Sharon Puleo, Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of Naples (Italy), Department of Agricultural Sciences, Division of Food Science – Food Sensory Analysis Dear passengers, your captain is speaking. Welcome onboard flight Eurosense2020. We have just taken off from the kitchen and we are currently landing in the living room. […]

Post of the Month: January 2021

The Perks of Online Poster Presenting at Eurosense 2020 A review on virtually presenting a poster on rapid sensory methods compared to traditional descriptive methods at an online Eurosense Dr. Imogen Ramsey, Teaching Associate and Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Sensory and Consumer Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK At the end of a very engaging, enjoyable […]

Post of the Month: September 2020

Is the flour of Tylosema esculentum the novel textural ingredient in gluten-free bread making? Dr. Patricia Nyembwe Mujinga, post doctorate researcher at the University of Pretoria (UP) Over the last few decades, the popular belief is that a gluten free (GF) diet is a healthier option. Gluten-related disorders are driving an increasing number of consumers […]

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