The E3S Education WG is active since 2011 and has been coordinated by Lauren Rogers (IFST) since 2024 (former coordinator: prof. Hely Tuorila, Finland, ATJ; prof. Catherine Dacremont, France, SFAS; dr. Paula Varela, Norway, SSG; prof. Mari Sandell, University of Turku, Finland, ATJ).

The E3S Education WG main activity is to maintain a course list up to date. It includes over 200 courses. The annual turnover rate is about 10%.

Education WG national representatives (members) are the link between domestic universities, national Sensory groups and E3S. Their tasks are to collect data to be shared in the E3S network and to spread relevant information related to education to everyone.

The Education WG will launch a YouTube channel featuring short videos made by students for students to illustrate and explain key aspect of sensory evaluation. They could be related to methodology as well as data analysis. Any contribution is most welcome!

Current activities:

  • Updated Course Cards & List of external examiners (Lead: Bodil Allesen-Holm, DK, D2S)
  • E3S Youtube video channel to exchange sensory videos for teaching (Lead: Catherine Dacremont & Julien Delarue, FR, SFAS)
  • E3S annual PhD courses – discussion of EU-project training schools and international PhD/masters as examples of PhD courses (Lead: Carolina Chaya, ES, AEPAS)
  • Basic sensory program guidance (Lead: Erminio Monteleone, IT, SISS), new sub-group created
  • Webinar/workshop on sensory education to be organised in 2021/22  (lead: Paula Varela, NO, SSG & Mari Sandell, FI, ATJ)
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