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E3S Annual Symposium 2024 – The Future is Bright

6th – 7th May, 2024 in Müster, Germany The Germany Sensory Society is please to host the 12th E3S Annual Symposium, The Future is Bright – New Sensory Perspectives The conference will take place in Münster, which is a beautiful and historical city worth visiting. Programme overview Sunday 5th May 2024 16:00 Guided City Tour […]

II International workshop on Sensometrics: Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods

Description Correspondence analysis (CA) has a special place in data science as it analyses data measured on categorical scales and results in visualizations that facilitate interpretation and understanding of multivariate categorical data. CA is primarily a method of unsupervised learning, that is it is designed to identify structures that are latent in the data, for […]

EuroSense 2024: A Sense of Global Culture

11th Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research 8-11 September 2024 | Dublin, Ireland The European Sensory Science Society (E3S) and Sensory Food Network Ireland are delighted to invite you to the 11th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research ‘A Sense of Global Culture’. EuroSense 2024 will be held in Dublin, Ireland at the Royal Dublin […]


PREFERENCES, EXPECTATIONS, CONTEXTS, INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES, EMOTIONS AND IMPLICIT METHODS + RLab 5th – 7th June, 2024 | Florence The Italian Sensory Science Society is pleased to present the 8th renewed Edition of a 3-day synchronous course in sensory and consumer science, enriched by a R-lab optional module. The course will be taught in person but […]

SPISE 2024: The New Diverse World of Sensory Evaluation: Exploring its Intersection with Modern Technologies

“Dear Colleagues, Since 2005, the Summer Program in Sensory Evaluation (SPISE) has grown from the size of a workshop to that of an international Symposium, including six successful symposiums: SPISE 2007 “New trends in sensory evaluation of food and non-food products”, SPISE 2009 “Food consumer insights in Asia: Current issues and future”, SPISE 2012 “Taste […]

Sensory Perception & Food Preference: The age of pleasure

Date: 5 – 8 March, 2024 Location: Wageningen, The Netherlands The aim of this advanced course is to acquire expertise regarding sensory perception and food preferences; to initiate discussions with experts, to obtain knowledge on and experience in different topics and methods related to sensory and liking; to connect with other professionals/colleagues in the field. […]

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