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Children & Taste Sensitivity Working Group Workshop: “E3S collaborative project on food neophobia in Europe: first results”

Organised by the E3S Taste Sensitivity and Children Working Groups Coordinators: Sara Spinelli, Caterina Dinnella and Monica Laureati The workshop will be the opportunity for the presentation of the first results of the collaborative project coordinated by the two E3S Working groups, Taste Sensitivity and Children, on food neophobia. The project aims at re-analysing the […]

B-Tex Study

The B-tex study The E3S Children WG is currently performing a cross-national study on texture perception and preference in children from different European countries: the B-Tex study. Launch of the B-Tex study The first project proposal was made during Eurosense 2016 with first results presented in occasion of Eurosense 2018. Participating scientists Monica Laureati (University […]

E3S Children WG past activities

Children Working Group Workshops/Seminars Eurosense 2018 E3S annual Symposium (Dublin, 9th May 2018) E3S annual Symposium (Paris, 9th May 2017) E3S annual Symposium (Vlaardingen, 9th May 2016) E3S annual Symposium (Oslo, 11th May 2015) Eurosense 2014 (Copenhagen, 7-10 September 2014) Children Working Group Meetings At every E3S annual Workshops At every Pangborn Symposia At every […]

E3S Children WG Webinar – Texture matters!

A cross-national project on texture preference, food neophobia and healthy eating in European children E3S 10th Anniversary Series organised by the E3S Children Working Group 9th June 2021, 15.45 – 17.00 CET – Register now Texture is one of the main drivers of food acceptance and rejection, especially for young consumers. This sensory modality is also […]

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