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POST OF THE MONTH: Pangborn 2023

Written by Karina Gonzalez Estanol & Maddalena Libardi, Chair & Deputy Chair of Next Generation Working group The beautiful city of Nantes, France, recently played host to the much-anticipated Pangborn 2023 conference. Pangborn, a biennial event, brings together leading experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from the world of sensory and consumer science to discuss and share […]

POST OF THE MONTH: August 2023

Pictured: Dr. Danny Cliceri & Dr. Leonardo Menghi (UNITN) with a first prototype of the Bulkbox Written by Dr. Michele Pedrotti, Researcher Email: Sensory evaluation plays a crucial role in assessing the quality, freshness, and acceptability of food products. Since my participation at the BCFN!YES contest in 2014 with the project “Common sensing: the […]


Angelica Lippi, PhD Candidate, Food Science and Technology, University of Florence (Italy) – Institut Lyfe (France) In 2017 I got a master’s degree in clinical and health psychology, my main focus has always been in human cognition and behavior. Since I started working on my master thesis, I became fascinated with how food is perceived […]

Post of the month – MAY 2023

Rutger Brouwer, PhD Candidate, Food Quality and Design, Wageningen University, The Netherlands In 2013, I moved from Ellecom, a small town in the Netherlands, to Wageningen to study Nutrition and Health. This seemingly small change shaped both my life and career path. Prior to studying food science, I consumed the typical Dutch diet. We (the […]

Post of the Month: FEBRUARY 2023

Can gamified smell training increase the liking of fruit and vegetables? Linnea Apelman, PhD Student, Department of Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics, Uppsala University, Sweden         “I am interested to find out if repeated sensory exposure, in the form of gamified smell identification tasks, can impact food liking. I am especially curious […]

Post of the month: November 2022 – ABOUT EUROSENSE 2022

Nicky Coucke, University Ghent “After waiting four years since the last Eurosense conference was organized on location, it was finally time again for all sensory and consumer researchers to come together in Turku, Finland for the 10th biennially Eurosense conference organized from September 13th till September 16th. The theme of this year’s Eurosense conference was […]

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