The European Sensory Science Society is part the of a global sensory network (the Sensory Science Global Group – SSGG) aimed at establishing collaborations among five international/continental sensory science societies representing different regions in the world which includes:

The Sensory Science Global Group – SSGG was established in 2021, when four societies started to met together online on a regular basis to explore how their common efforts could contribute to the growth of sensory science globally.

The group met in person in Turku in September 2022 at Eurosense conference where they organised a workshop led by E3S: “North, South, East, West: a diverse cross-cultural perspective on consumers food choices and preferences”.

The overarching theme of the workshop was diversity in sensory and consumer science and related methodological issues, from different perspectives: product development targeted to consumers with different ethnic backgrounds (SSP), gender and food preferences (E3S), food choice from a cross-cultural perspective (ANSWER) and social media exploration in a continent with the same language but diverse cultures (SenseLatam).

At the conference the Asian Sensory Network joined the group and the activities is going on, with many proposals for the future to stregthen this collaboration.

The Sensory Science Global Group – SSGG organised a workshop at Pangborn 2023 which was held in France in August 2023: “Challenges & Practical Solutions in Global Diversity Research – Perspectives from Cross-Regional Sensory & Consumer Research Organizations”. This workshop presented challenges in diversity research, especially in the recruiting aspect.

The Sensory Science Global Group – SSGG is organizing a workshop at Eurosense 2024 to be held in Ireland in September: “Challenges & Practical Solutions for Consumer Research Implementation across Global Cultures: Perspectives from regional Sensory Science Societies”

Some further information about the societies/organisations in SSGG:

The Asian Sensory Network is a collaboration of Asian based professionals working in the area of sensory and consumer science. They have members from a wide range of Asian countries representing various industries such as universities, research agencies, food industry, consultants and government. 
Mission: To connect sensory and consumer science professionals across the Asian region with the aim to share knowledge and education, create insights and facilitate the growth of high quality sensory and consumer science across the Asian region
Contacts: Gie Liem, Deakin University, CASS (Australia); Joanne Hort, Massey University (New Zealand)

The African Network for Sensory Evaluation Research (ANSWER) was formally established in 2019 during the Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Edinburgh, Scotland. ANSWER brings together individuals from academia, research institutions and industry on the African continent for training and collaborative research opportunities. ANSWER aspires to be the premier network for sensory evaluation research in Africa. The network is young and developing, volunteer-driven and welcomes inputs and suggestions from stakeholders.
Mission: ANSWER provides opportunities to share information, access diverse opinions, and to build capacity in the area of Sensory Science Research in Africa.

The European Sensory Science Society (E3S) is a no profit organisation constituted in Florence (Italy) in 2011 by twelve promoting partners, the national sensory societies from Austria, Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and United Kingdom. In 2015 also Ireland joined the E3S, and in 2022 E3S welcomed Slovenia. The goal of the association, concerning general interest and social utility, is to gather, within a single organization, the European Sensory Science Society (E3S), all national organisations that deal with sensory science and operate in European countries.
Mission: Facilitate the growth of Sensory Science; Promote co-operation, shared goals, integration of activities and knowledge, information exchange amongst national sensory science organisations in Europe; Establish, maintain and enhance the professional status of sensory scientists; Develop and disseminate research, innovation and education in sensory science.
Contacts: Paula Varela, Nofima (Norway) and Sara Spinelli, University of Florence (Italy);

The Latin-American sensory network (SenseLatam): work in progress

The Society of Sensory Professionals (SSP) is a 501(c)(3)​ nonprofit organization devoted to developing and promoting the field of sensory science. SSP’s scope is to advance the field of sensory evaluation, including consumer research, by creating forums for sharing research that advances the scientific basis of the field, providing mentoring in the field through a variety of forums, providing training courses and educational seminars, partnering with existing organizations that serve the sensory and consumer research community, promoting professional conduct and ethical standards.
Mission: ​Advance the field of sensory evaluation, including consumer research, and the role/work of sensory professionals, for the purpose of sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, mentoring, and educating our members.
Contacts: SSP 2023 – 2024 Executive Committee: Clare Dus – Chair – Sensory Spectrum,  Inc.; Ratapol Teratanavat – Elected Chair Takasago International Corp.; Kristine Wilke – Past Chair – P&K Research; Victoria Coutiño – Global Outreach Chair – Consultant.

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