Taste Sensitivity News

Children & Taste Sensitivity Working Group Workshop: “E3S collaborative project on food neophobia in Europe: first results”

Organised by the E3S Taste Sensitivity and Children Working Groups Coordinators: Sara Spinelli, Caterina Dinnella and Monica Laureati The workshop will be the opportunity for the presentation of the first results of the collaborative project coordinated by the two E3S Working groups, Taste Sensitivity and Children, on food neophobia. The project aims at re-analysing the […]

Taste Sensitivity WG Workshop at the E3S Symposium 2023

The diversity in methods: focus on fungiform papillae density assessment and ongoing studies within the E3S Taste Sensitivity network 15 May 2023, 14:30 – 15:45 Uppsala, Sweden The workshop will be the opportunity to present the results of the collaborative work on the shared data on the use of different methodologies in fungiform papillae count. […]

E3S Taste Sensitivity WG Webinar – Methods matter: Oral responsiveness & psychological trait research in Europe Current and future perspectives

E3S 10th Anniversary Series 13th October 2021, 16 – 17.00 CET – Register now The webinar organised by the E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group will be focused on the presentation of the results of a survey on methodological aspects of measurement of response to tastes, somato and tactile stimulation and psychological traits in Europe. Current and […]

E3S Taste Sensitivity WG Survey

CALL TO ACTION! PARTICIPATE IN THE E3S TASTE SENSITIVITY WG SURVEY! The E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group has developed a survey to map the use and application of methods to assess taste stimuli and markers of oral responsiveness and psychological traits in Europe. The questionnaire is not personal but referred to a research unit (sensory laboratory). You will be asked to provide details about the methods […]

Past News

E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group meeting was held online on September 23rd 2020 from 9.30 to 12. Download the slides of the meeting: E3S Taste sensitivity WG meeting 23 Sept 20 The agenda for the day is the following: Launch of a survey on the use and application of methods to assess PROP, tactile acuity, fungiform papillae number, […]

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