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Post of the month October 2018

POST OF THE MONTH OCTOBER 2018 A review of the EuroSense 2018 Conference Alessandra De Toffoli, PhD Student at the University of Florence, Italy 2st-5th September 2018 – Verona, Italy   Just some numbers: 727 participants (73% from Europe), 590 abstract submissions, 66 oral presentations, 4 workshops, 386 posters. The theme of this edition was […]

Post of the month September 2018

POST OF THE MONTH SEPTEMBER 2018 A six-month research and training visit at the University of Arkansas Laura Andreea Bolos, PhD student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden   This a short summary of my six-months research and training visit during the spring of 2018, at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, […]

Post of the month August 2018

POST OF THE MONTH AUGUST 2018 A review of the 2018 IFST Sensory Science Group Conference Marit Nijman, PhD Student at The University of Nottingham 7th June 2018 – University College Birmingham, United Kingdom This year’s IFST SSG conference was titled ‘Health is Wealth’, exploring the link between sensory research and health. The 2018 IFST […]


POST OF THE MONTH JUNE 2018 A review of the 7th Annual E3S symposium: “A taste of Culture: Understanding the Global Consumer and Sensory Perception.” 8-9th May, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Dublin, Ireland Kim Millar, PhD fellow, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dept. of Food Sciences and Environmental Health, Ireland On May 8-9th, speakers from food, […]


POST OF THE MONTH MAY 2018 Review of the International and Interdisciplinary PhD Course: “Food, Health and Philosophy in East and West” April 2018 in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China Mette Duerlund, PhD Fellow, Aarhus University, Denmark. Science team: Food Quality Perception & Society I have just returned home to Denmark from attending the […]


POST OF THE MONTH APRIL 2018 Glace Review on Measures of Emotional State: A Multidisciplinary Approach Nicolas Seince, Master student at Sanofi (Compiègne, France) Currently, I am doing my Master internship at Sanofi which is a French multinational pharmaceutical company. It develops several products such as pills and creams. I am currently working on a […]

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