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Beyond borders (and oceans)- E3S next generation group meets Sensory Pantry

As one of our main goal is to connect across young researchers and recent graduates in our field , we are very excited to  announce this new collaboration with Sensory Pantry!

Sensory Pantry is a science communication hub created by Julia Low and Anita Sisopha, for exploring sensory and consumer science in everyday life. They do this by curating content to showcase our diverse colleagues in the niche field, especially those in their early careers, to provide an opportunity to share their voices and their sensory science passion.

Sensory Pantry was born at a spur of the moment through WhatsApp. What started as a casual conversation about building opportunities for early careers in sensory and consumer science to spotlight their work/career journeys, soon became a real project that is now 1 year old and features interviews with colleagues from all over the world!


Julia Low comes from Malaysia but calls Australia her home, has a multidisciplinary background in psychology, nutrition, and sensory science. She recently started her academia career at RMIT University as a Lecturer and Early Career Development Fellow in Nutrition and Food Technology. Her research focuses on sensory and consumer science, specifically on ways create enjoyable eating and drinking experiences. 

Anita Sisopha comes from Canada and has a diverse background working in the food industry. She first discovered the field of sensory and consumer research at the University of Guelph where she completed her Masters with a focus in sensory science. She is now in the consulting world focusing on insights, innovation, brand guidance and market research 

“The most rewarding and fulfilling part of this project is to be able to talk to different people about their journey and passion into sensory and consumer science. It certainly reignites our passion in this field. We believe that everyone has their own unique story to tell, and we hope it will one day inspire someone who is going through a similar journey in STEM.

If you would like to be featured in Sensory Pantry don’t hesitate in sending an email to 

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