E3S Children WG aims

The E3S Children Working Group aims to facilitate the exchange of research-based knowledge on the mechanisms influencing children’s sensory perception and food preferences, and to promote the further development of methodologies appropriate for data collection from these young consumers.

3S Children WG coordinators

Active since 2013, the Working Group, previously coordinated by Dr. Margrethe Hersleth (Nofima, SSG), is now coordinated by Dr. Monica Laureati (University of Milan, SISS) and Pernilla Sandvik (SSN).

E3S Children WG current/future activities

The B-tex study

The E3S Children WG is currently performing a cross-national study on texture perception and preference in children from different European countries: the B-Tex study.

Future activities aim to continue the study of the perception and preference of food texture from a cross-cultural perspective also in collaboration with other WGs (e.g. sensitivity WG).

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