Beyond food

E3S Beyond food WG aims

In the field of sensory sciences, notable advancements have swiftly unfolded in methodologies and applications, particularly within what is commonly referred to as the ‘non-food’ sector. However, this progress is incomplete without the presence of a well-defined framework and established boundaries. These structural elements are essential to encompass the diverse, specialized, and individualized approaches necessary in this multifaceted domain. Additionally, in the food sector, sensory analysis primarily focuses on taste and olfactory perceptions, emphasizing acceptability and perceived quality. However, exploring non-food aspects, such as the sense of touch, is also valuable, providing insights into mechanical responses and haptic perception.

Consequently, the establishment of the working group termed “Beyond Food” has been undertaken to address this gap in sensory practices within non-food sectors. Sensory science can experience substantial growth by working across all consumer goods industries (from beverages and food to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics), and our E3S working group is passionate about sharing this information by organizing workshops and running research projects. Our main goal is to identify and emphasize the necessary steps to embrace a broader and more comprehensive outlook within this scientific discipline.

Furthermore, our group endeavors to disseminate recommendations for best practices among sensory scientists engaged in non-food sectors. Achieving these objectives depends on sharing ideas and insights within the larger E3S group, thereby promoting a collaborative environment that allows the advancement of sensory science beyond the confines of the food industry.

E3S Beyond food WG coordinators

The group is coordinated by Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier (SFAS) and Zeineb Nhouchi (SFAS).

E3S Beyond food WG current/future activities

The E3S Beyond food WG has worked to a book that collect experience on sensory methods applied to non foods products.

  • Promotion of cooperation of sensory scientists working in the non-food sector
  • Seminar: comparing methods used in food and nonfood
  • “Sensory experiences are everywhere” workshop presented at Pangborn 2023
  • Project to publish the results in a international journal
  • In preparing a post for Eurosense 2024 about sensory experiences during a day

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