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Post of the month: November 2022 – ABOUT EUROSENSE 2022

Nicky Coucke, University Ghent “After waiting four years since the last Eurosense conference was organized on location, it was finally time again for all sensory and consumer researchers to come together in Turku, Finland for the 10th biennially Eurosense conference organized from September 13th till September 16th. The theme of this year’s Eurosense conference was […]

Post of the month: June 2022

Learning about flavourings in food products at the University of Reading Niklas Pontesegger; PhD Candidate at Graz University of Technology, Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry; Stremayrgasse 9/II, 8010 Graz, Austria “If you are a bit like me and you sometimes wonder what your food is made of, probably you already came across a […]

Post of the month: April 2022

Beyond borders (and oceans)- E3S next generation group meets Sensory Pantry As one of our main goal is to connect across young researchers and recent graduates in our field , we are very excited to  announce this new collaboration with Sensory Pantry! Sensory Pantry is a science communication hub created by Julia Low and Anita […]

Post of the month: February 2022

As some of you may already know, I’ve been Chair of the E3S Next Generation (NG) group (Previously: Student and Early-Stage Researcher) since 2019. It was a real pleasure to lead the group to what it is today. I feel very lucky to have meet and discuss with such wonderful and open-minded individuals. I am […]

Post of the Month: March 2021

Discovering a new methodology: Senso’flash Nicolas Seince, Research Executive, Techni’sens, France I was at home browsing the internet, I was finding many interesting topics like new recipes, new songs,… but one new sensory methodology intrigued me: Senso’Flash. As a research executive, I needed to get some information on this method and I did, during the […]

Post of the Month: February 2021

A trip to Eurosense 2020 Dr. Sharon Puleo, Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of Naples (Italy), Department of Agricultural Sciences, Division of Food Science – Food Sensory Analysis Dear passengers, your captain is speaking. Welcome onboard flight Eurosense2020. We have just taken off from the kitchen and we are currently landing in the living room. […]

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