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Elena Costa – PhD Candidate, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Gothenburg University (Sweden) To learn more about my research project and the Blue Food center more broadly, visit: email: LinkedIn: : Understanding the barriers to diversify seafood consumption How can we provide a growing and ageing population with healthy and more sustainable […]

POST OF THE MONTH: Katerina Katsikari

An interview with Katerina Katsikari, Department of Consumer, Sensory and Innovation at Nofima AS and Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) Email: LinkedIn: You have started a new research project now, what is it about? And what do you hope to find out? In this project, we are investigating how food texture can influence […]

POST OF THE MONTH: Pangborn 2023

Written by Karina Gonzalez Estanol & Maddalena Libardi, Chair & Deputy Chair of Next Generation Working group The beautiful city of Nantes, France, recently played host to the much-anticipated Pangborn 2023 conference. Pangborn, a biennial event, brings together leading experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from the world of sensory and consumer science to discuss and share […]

POST OF THE MONTH: August 2023

Pictured: Dr. Danny Cliceri & Dr. Leonardo Menghi (UNITN) with a first prototype of the Bulkbox Written by Dr. Michele Pedrotti, Researcher Email: Sensory evaluation plays a crucial role in assessing the quality, freshness, and acceptability of food products. Since my participation at the BCFN!YES contest in 2014 with the project “Common sensing: the […]


Angelica Lippi, PhD Candidate, Food Science and Technology, University of Florence (Italy) – Institut Lyfe (France) In 2017 I got a master’s degree in clinical and health psychology, my main focus has always been in human cognition and behavior. Since I started working on my master thesis, I became fascinated with how food is perceived […]

Post of the month – MAY 2023

Rutger Brouwer, PhD Candidate, Food Quality and Design, Wageningen University, The Netherlands In 2013, I moved from Ellecom, a small town in the Netherlands, to Wageningen to study Nutrition and Health. This seemingly small change shaped both my life and career path. Prior to studying food science, I consumed the typical Dutch diet. We (the […]

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