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Covid-19 and sensory science: implications on perception, consumer preferences and tests

FQAP Special Issue edited by Erminio Monteleone, Sara Spinelli, Caterina Dinnella Covid-19 pandemic has impacted tremendously our lives from several points of views. This includes food behaviours and preferences, but also how sensory and consumer testing are conducted due to the restrictions to limit the spread of the virus. One of the symptoms of Covid-19 is alteration in taste and smell […]

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Food, Health and Safety in Cross Cultural Consumer Contexts

Edited by Derek V. Byrne Published: July 2021 See the Scope and Applicability of Sensory & Consumer Science in Cross Cultural Contexts in 2021 and beyond: Our Open Access Book Anthology – D. V. Byrne Ed. – Food, Health and Safety in Cross Cultural Consumer Contexts’ The global food and food technology markets are rapidly […]

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Nonfood Sensory Practices

Edited by Anne-Marie Pense-Lheritier Irene Bacle Julien Delarue Woodhead Publishing, 2021 Nonfood Sensory Practices demonstrates how sensory professionals from nonfood sectors have embraced sensory evaluation methods for product development and communication of their products’ sensory properties. The book results from the contribution of the members of the Nonfood Working Group of the European Sensory Science Society. It […]

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Guideline for sensory analysis of PDO food products and wines

The E3S PDO WG has collaborated with the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) for the development of guidelines for the sensory evaluation of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) food and wine products Description of Guidelines for Sensory analysis of PDO Sensory evaluation to establish compliance of PDO products in relation with the sensory description in their official […]

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New book: Consumer Preference and Acceptance of Food Products

Edited by Professor and Science Team Leader Derek V. Byrne An anthology book edited by Professor and Science Team Leader Derek V. Byrne has just been published Open Access by MDPI foods The wide scope and critical applicability of sensory and consumer science in 2020 and beyond is presented in many research contexts all […]

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Call for papers for the “Foods” Special Issue “Chemosensory Perception in Food”

Submission deadline extended: 29 October 2021 Impact Factor: 4.092 (2019) Special Issue Editors Prof. Dr. Luisa Torri WebsiteGuest EditorUniversity of Gastronomic Sciences, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 9, 12042 Pollenzo, CN, ItalyInterests: consumer science; food sensory analysis; chemosensory perception; individual differences; novel foods; sustainable food systems; food shelf life; food packaging; electronic nose Special Issue Information […]

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