Lene Waldenstrøm

National sensory science society membership of the PhD candidate:
Norwegian Sensory Society (NSN)

Title of the thesis:
Combining technology, consumer insight and sensory science in optimization and validation of sustainable and controversial food processing and development – a case study focusing on smoke-flavoring of cold-smoked salmon

Associate Professor Jørgen Lerfall, NTNU – IBT, Professor Turid Rustad, NTNU – IBT, Researcher Mari Øvrum Gaarder, Nofima AS – Research area of Consumer and sensory sciences, Research Director Margrethe Hersleth, Nofima AS – Research area of Consumer and sensory sciences

Name of the PhD Program:
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, Biotechnology

Affiliation of the PhD candidate and country:
Department of biotechnology and food science, NTNU-Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology, NO‐7491 Trondheim, Norway 

Year of starting and expected year of end of the PhD:
1th January 2019 – 31th December 2024

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