Past Meetings

  • December 10th 2020, h 13:00 – 14:30
  • October 30th 2020, h 13:30-15:00

E3S Education Workshop – 8th May 2018, Dublin

Download the report: minute WP Education2018

E3S Education Workshop – 9th May 2016, The Netherlands

Download the report: 2016-05-09 E3S Education WG minute

A workshop of the E3S Education Working Group will be held in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, in occasion of the annual General Assembly and symposium.


  1. Bilateral exchange programs
  2. Listing the interactive lectures on sensory with links and invitations (request from the Board of the Swedish Sensory Network);
  3. Presentation of the Sensory programs in the Netherland (as the “host country”);
  4. Working on the action: “increasing awareness of the career as sensory analysts
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