Call for papers: Underrepresented Population in Sensory & Consumer Research: Beyond WEIRD Samples

Guest editors:

Carlos Gomez-Corona

Tobias Otterbring

Special issue information:

Academic studies in sensory and consumer science have revealed profound insights during the last decades. However, most of the published literature is based on participants with a peculiar profile, commonly referred to as WEIRD individuals (Western-Educated-Industrialized-Rich- Democratic societies), typically in the form of online panels or university students.

There is a need to examine phenomena and processes beyond WEIRD samples. This special issue calls for papers from under-represented populations, including participants with a different demographic, psychographic, or cultural background than what is often the case in the WEIRD literature, including “vulnerable” groups of participants. Studies solely from WEIRD countries and cultures may also be considered if they feature under-represented populations (e.g., Indigenous people, LGBT+, disabilities, etc.).

Manuscript submission information:

Please submit your papers here and select article type ‘VSI: Underrepresented Populations‘ while doing so.

The current deadline for receiving papers is 31-Jan-2024.

Please contact above Guest Editors incase of any questions.

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