Covid-19 and sensory science: implications on perception, consumer preferences and tests

FQAP Special Issue
edited by Erminio Monteleone, Sara Spinelli, Caterina Dinnella

Covid-19 pandemic has impacted tremendously our lives from several points of views. This includes food behaviours and preferences, but also how sensory and consumer testing are conducted due to the restrictions to limit the spread of the virus. One of the symptoms of Covid-19 is alteration in taste and smell and this motivated the contribution of sensory scientists in collaborative multidisciplinary projects in order to gain a better insight on the prevalence of these symptoms, their measurement, and the recovery from them.

The aim of this Special Issue, that collects researches presented at the E3S Workshop held at Eurosense 2020 and additional papers, is to bring together contributions to understand more in depth how the COVID-19 situation has impacted the research in the sensory science field. This Special Issue is organised in three sections and will include research articles but also opinion papers, reviews and a commentary on each section:

  1. Contribution of sensory science to the research on Covid-19.
  2. Changes in sensory and consumer data collection during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. Changes in consumer food behaviours and preferences during the Covid-19 pandemic

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