Tenured Associate Professor Position Sensory & Consumer open at Aarhus University

Tenured Associate Professor Position Sensory & Consumer open at Aarhus University

Deadline Nov. 15 2017

The Department of Food Science, Aarhus University invites highly qualified applications for a tenured Associate Professor position, the position is to be funded for the first three years by strategic funds from the Faculty of Science and Technology. An internationally talented applicant also has the opportunity to secure a competitive start package ensuring a successful start in building their research team. The position is to begin February, 2018.

The position
This Associate Professor position will strengthen and complement ongoing research in sensory and consumer science, in the area of multisensory human perception in food quality and health at the Department of Food Science. This position is focused on the human senses and their pivotal role in eating behavior and sustainable high quality food and beverage applications. The position is aligned to the Science Team ‘Food Quality Perception and Society’ at the Department of Food Science http://food.au.dk/en/foodresearch/science-teams/food-quality-perception-society/. The science team has access to state of the art well-established sensory and analytical facilities, and advanced infrastructure, with a professional; trained and tested sensory panel and an ISO-approved sensory laboratory. Core to the team’s research approach is the synergy of human sensory measurements with instrumental techniques utilizing advanced facilities available in house e.g. GC-MS, LC-MS and NMR. There is also access to complementary research infrastructure via our close collaborators in psychology, physiological and neuro-imaging fields.

Further information: http://www.au.dk/en/about/vacant-positions/scientific-positions/stillinger/Vacancy/show/930324/5283/

Science Team Leader “Food Quality Perception & Society”, Prof. Derek V. Byrne

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