Research Fellowship on perception of food in obese individuals

The Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, CIMeC at University of Trento, will soon be advertising a Research fellowship in multisensory behavioral studies on perception of food in obese individuals


The position is to work on a project that will try to shed light on possible unisensory and/or multisensory alterations on food perception that can influence the way overweight/obese people select their food and how much they eat. Moreover, the project purports to clarify the role of non-homeostatic mechanisms underlying food processing in normal weight and overweight/obese individuals and different conditions of hunger/satiety.

The Research fellow will work with Professor Massimiliano Zampini. The ideal candidate should have a background in Psychology, Neuroscience or Sensory  Sciences and experience with behavioral methods relevant for studying unisensory and/or multisensory perception and attention. Priority will be given to candidates holding a PhD.  Italian proficiency is required for interacting with the possible participants.

The position is going to be funded for one year with a potential renewal for a second year.  The contract should start by the end of the year.

Further information may be requested to the PI:

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