Open Job specialized in Sensory Nutrition, Olfaction and Translation and Diagnostics, Monel Chemical Sense Center, Philadelphia, USA

About Monell Chemical Senses Center: The Monell Chemical Senses Center is committed to unraveling the enigmas of taste, smell, and related senses and the biology of hunger and eating. At Monell, the interdisciplinary approach combines cutting-edge research, exceptional facilities, and a spirit of collaboration to propel discoveries.

1. Sensory Nutrition: study the interplay of chemical senses, such as taste, smell, and interoception, and their influence on dietary preferences, choices, and nutritional behaviors. The Monell Chemical Sense Center is especially interested in the balance between nutrient need and consumption and how it is coordinated between the body and the brain.

2. Olfaction: Monell’s tradition in olfaction exploration revolves around the mechanisms of smell perception, odor detection, and the multifaceted impacts of smell on human and animal behavior and health. Restoration of olfactory cells and tissues that may lead to transformative treatments is of particular interest.

3. Translation and Diagnostics: Monell’s scientists are at the forefront of basic science and translational research, and they are especially interested in applicants who use volatiles and the sense of smell to diagnose disease. The team hope to conduct research that leads to effective treatments and interventions for taste and smell loss or common diseases related to sensory nutrition, e.g., diabetes or obesity.

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