Spain E3S Student Representatives

Mar Giró-Candanedo



National Society I am subscribed to: AEPAS

Mar Giró-Candanedo is the Spanish representative and is studying different ways of communicating nutritional information on food labels at Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) as part of Food Quality and Technology group. Their research focuses on gain a valuable insight into the consumer’s response to improve the development of new food communication systems.

As a committee representative they aim to promote teamwork as a means of personal growth within the scientific community. This platform could offer students the opportunity to visit other European institutions as a way to promote internships among research centres.

Maite Iriondo de Hond (deputy student representative Spain)

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Maite is the Spanish deputy student representative and is studying the valorisation of food industry by-products as ingredients in the development of novel dairy foods at the Autonomous University of Madrid and Madrid’s Institute for Agriculture and Food Research as part of Mª Dolores del Castillo and Eugenio Miguel’s group. Her research focuses on using side-stream products as bioactive ingredients in the development of healthy and sustainable foods, without compromising on sensory quality and consumer acceptance. She also studies consumer behaviour towards food products developed with side-stream ingredients from food industry, as a first approach to determining whether recovered ingredients can be accepted in the food market. The overall aims are to determine whether sustainability can be a driver behind food consumption.

As a committee representative she aims to promote student networking to exchange ideas, build collaborations for future opportunities and promote teamwork as a means of personal growth within the scientific community.

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