Norway E3S Student Representatives

Martina Galler (student representative Norway)

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Martina Galler is the Norwegian representative. She is conducting a phd in the EU project Edulia, on Methodological aspects to conduct sensory and consumer testing with children ( She is part of the Innovation, consumer and sensory science group at Nofima led by Margrethe Hersleth and inscribed at the Norwegian university of life sciences (NMBU) as a student.

As a committee representative she aims to get to know and collaborate with other early stage researchers in Europe.


Ervina Ervina (student representative Norway)

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Ervinais the Norwegian representative and she is a PhD student at the Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) while her working station is at the Department of Consumer and Sensory Science at Nofima led by Margrethe Hersleth. Ervina is involved in Edulia project (, a Marie–Sklodowska Curie ITN project aimed to bringing down barrier in children healthy eating. Her research focuses on investigating the relationship between taste sensitivity and food liking and preferences in preadolescent children.

As a committee representative she aims to build and strengthen the network among the early state researchers and PhD students who are working with sensory and consumer science in Norway and across Europe. Also, to get to know and, collaborate, and able to share knowledges and experiences across PhD candidates, Postdocs, and early states researchers.

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