Netherlands E3S Student Representatives

Marieke van Bruinessen (student representative the Netherlands)

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Marieke is the country representative of the Netherlands. She is a PhD candidate at Wageningen University and Research (WUR) in the ‘Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour’ group within the division of Human Nutrition and Health. She has a BSc and MSc in Nutrition and Health. Her PhD focuses on the relationship between food texture, eating rate, energy intake, body composition and metabolic health of ultra-processed food diets and is part of the Restructure project ( Her research interests include: nutrition, eating behavior, sensory science, physiology and metabolic health..

After finishing both her BSc. (Human Nutrition) at WUR and MSc. (Sensory Science) at both WUR & Marieke joined the E3S committee as it is a nice opportunity to exchange knowledge on sensory science and eating behavior and to connect with other interdisciplinary sensory PhD students across Europe.

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