Italy E3S Student Representatives

Angelica Lippi (student representative Italy)

Contact me via Linkedin:

University of Florence:

PhD student in Food Science and Technology, Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry, University of Florence , Italy
(tutor: Erminio Monteleone, Sara Spinelli, Agnès Giboreau – Institut Lyfe)

B.S. Psychology, University of Florence, Italy; M.S. Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Florence, Italy

Angelica’s research is within the SensoryLab Group of the University of Florence and the Institut Lyfe Research in Lyon, and investigates the individual food preferences for the Mediterranean diet in cancer patients. In particular, the purpose of her PhD is to explore the variables impacting food preferences in cancer patients such as psychological traits, food attitudes, sensory alterations and sensory-hedonic responses to food. Moreover the final aim of the project is to develop food solutions tailored to cancer patients undergoing therapy. A part of her PhD was carried out at the Institut Lyfe research in Lyon and at the Antoine Lacassagne Hospital in Nice collecting data on the Myprefmed project – individual food preferences in cancer patients and the Co-creation project – rethinking food service in cancer hospitals. Other research activity in the field of sensory evaluation and consumer science include; sensory-hedonic responses to food models in healthy subjects, remote and laboratory PROP test. ory signals on food intake.

She is interested in the E3S committee with the aim of fostering a network among emerging sensory scientists. This presents a valuable chance to exchange and contrast ideas and findings across various research domains.

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