Denmark E3S Student Representatives

Nikoline Bach Hyldelund (student representative Denmark)

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Nikoline is studying an international PhD as part of the Sino-Danish university collaboration on the relation between pleasure derived from food, mental stressors and consequently food behaviour at Aarhus University, Denmark and University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. She is part of Prof. Derek V. Byrne’s group. Her research focuses on exploring the rewarding effects of food related experiences in general, as well as how environmental and psychological stressors may affect these reward mechanisms, and consequently also behavioural approaches to food. Furthermore, the PhD aims to further develop and validate a new method for measuring pleasure derived from food only. Nikoline’s main interest within food and sensory science lies in the field of consumer behaviour, psychology and hedonic perception.

As a committee representative she aims to be an active part of the E3S-SESRG by contributing to the work of the group where needed. She believes networking within the group, as well as mutually helping each other within the group to reach further out within the sensory societies of Europe, is key in starting a career in this field. She also hopes to spread knowledge and ideas of her PhD subject to other young sensory scientists, and similarly be inspired by the work of the other members.

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