WG PDO Seminar


12 September 2012

Agroscope Research Center ALP, Liebefeld-Posieux, Liebefeld-Bern



The interest for sensory analysis of Protected Designation of Origin products is on the increase across Europe. The application of sensory methodologies to such products nevertheless presents specific problems, some of them not totally resolved.

The seminar presents some important issues about sensory analysis of PDOs such as sensory methods, the attitude of producers towards this analysis and the interest of consumers for sensory features. The lectures give an introduction to the topics and the final round table session will be the first opportunity to discuss such matter at European level.

The seminar is open to every member of E3S (i.e. members of the national sensory associations who belongs to European Sensory Science Society), as well as for non members.

The seminar is organized by the PDO Working Group of the European Sensory Science Society.


 WG PDO Seminar, Bern
14.00-14.10 Opening, Welcome and Introduction
Patrizia Piccinali – Agroscope Research Center ALP, Liebefeld-Posieux, Switzerland
14.10-14.40 State of the art of the sensory analysis for PDOs in Europe
Mario Zannoni – Organismo Controllo Qualità Produzioni Regolamentate, Reggio Emilia, Italy
14.40-15.00 How to define sensory tipicity in PDO wine
Isabelle Maitre – Laboratoire GRAPPE, Groupe ESA, Angers, France
15.00-15.20 An employ of sensory analysis in PDO control: the case of Idiazabal cheese
Francisco José Pérez Elortondo – Universidad del Pais Vasco – Facultad de Farmacia, Vitoria, Spain
15.20-15.40 Sensory analysis and economic reward for PDO cheeses: the case of Trentingrana
Flavia Gasperi – Fondazione Edmund Mach – IASMA, Trento, Italy
15.40-16.00 Do consumers recognize the sensory quality of PDOs products? Carolina Chaya – Universitad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Luis Guerrero IRTA, Monells, Spain
16.00-16:30 Round table – All speakers and Patrizia Piccinali as moderator
16:30 Closing remarks
Patrizia Piccinali Agroscope Research Center ALP, Liebefeld-Posieux


How to register:

The deadline for registration is 10th August 2012. The number of participants is limited to 60.

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