Vakgroep Sensorisch Onderzoek (VSO), Marktonderzoekassociatie (MOA) THE NETHERLAND

The Sensory Profgroup – Vakgroep Sensorisch Onderzoek (VSO) is the Dutch society for sensory & consumer research. It aims to guarantee quality and to stimulate knowledge exchange and good education within this discipline.

The professional group currently has about a hundred members, mainly from the food industry, academic institutions, and research institutes. The professional group meets on average every six months for a meeting and annually organizes various workshops and/or symposia about sensory research.

How to become a VSO-MOA member

Send an email with the personal and company details to the MOA:

(mention “Aanmelding Profgroep Sensorisch onderzoek”).


E3S delegate (representatives)

Wim Vaessen

Betina Piqueras Fiszman

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