Symposium on Human Sensory Experiences

From sensation and perception to awareness: the interplay between genes, environments, and individual experiences

April 20 – 21, 2023

University of Sussex, Brighton UK

People are invite to an interdisciplinary hybrid symposium on human sensation and perception that brings together speakers with expertise in different sensory modalities. Esteemed speakers will deliver state of art talks on their area of expertise to address some of the most enduring questions on the nature of sensory experiences. What is the future of sensory science? To what extent are all our sensory experiences multisensory? How does my sensory world differ from yours? What are the genetic determinants of sensory experiences? How are we pre-equipped to perceive the world we will encounter after birth? What is the role of early exposure? How does our sensory world change throughout life? How does the environment shape our perception? What gives rise to sensory experiences with no direct input? How do we experience new perceptions and impossible sensations?

Confirmed internationally renowned speakers include Professor Anil Seth, Professor Anna Franklin, Professor Barry Smith, Doctor Brett Kagan, Professor Bruno Laeng, Professor Charles Spence, Professor Jamie Ward, Doctor Jenny Bosten, Professor Kevin Mitchell, Doctor Kirsty Dunn, Doctor Lorenzo Stafford, Professor Marianna Obrist, Professor Martin Yeomans, Professor Pawan Sinha, Professor Ren Ng, Doctor Sophie Nicklaus, Professor Stephen Engel and Professor Valerie Duffy

Registration is an absolute steal at £20 for both days for students or £30 for everyone else (which includes food and a drinks reception!) – and some sessions will be streamed remotely for free (further details on the official website). There is also the possibility of presenting posters and sensory demonstrations: the deadline is Friday 31st MarchThis would also be a great event for first-time presenters; Complete empirical data are not sought for presentations, and it can be work-in-progress, pre-registrations, study protocols or anything in between! As long as it falls within the very wide remit of human sensory experiences, it’s right for our event! 

With affordable registration, plenty of networking opportunities and the BNA festival 2023 starting a few days later, you don’t need any more excuses to come to beautiful Brighton!
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