Société Française d’Analyse Sensorielle FRANCE

The French Society of Sensory Analysis (SFAS) is a non-profit society whose objectives are, among others, to promote sensory science in France and to establish bridges between professionals in this field. SFAS 200 members belong to four groups: industries, academics, agencies and students. Our mission is to capture, exchange and disseminate insights and news on sensory and consumer topics through a variety of actions: events, working groups, methodological guides, job opportunities…

How to become a SFAS member

Individuals can contact SFAS via on-line form on SFAS website. 

To reach new members, we have a communication working group in charge of managing actions such as animating our social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn), updating our website, organizing workshops in universities and schools… In order to gather our members, we organize two major events each year (conferences and workshop) on specific topics chosen directly by our members. 

7 active working groups federate members around various themes: Communication, Non-food applications, Editorial committee, Ethics and regulation, International relations, Event organization, Methods.


E3S delegate (representatives)

Julien Delarue

Agnes Giboreau

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