Sensory Science Global Group (SSGG) Workshop at Eurosense 2024: “Challenges & Practical Solutions for Consumer Research Implementation across Global Cultures: Perspectives from regional Sensory Science Societies”

Organised by:

Paula Varela1, Carolina Chaya1, V. Coutiño2, H. de Kock3, R. Deliza4, J. Hort5, A. Gebre Mezgebe3, G. Liem5, R. Teratanavat2, L. Vidal4, K. Wilke2, M. Yaakwaah BlayAdjei3.

1European Sensory Science Society (E3S)

2Society of Sensory Professional (SSP)

3 African Network for Sensory Evaluation Research (ANSWER)

4 Latin-American sensory network (SenseLatam)5Asian Sensory Network

This workshop results from the collaboration since 2021 amongst five sensory science societies around the world: African Network for Sensory Evaluation Research, Society of Sensory Professional, Latin-American sensory network, Asian Sensory Network, and European Sensory Science Society, that explore how common efforts can contribute to the growth of sensory science globally. The Sensory Science Global Group (SSGG) has chaired successful workshops in Eurosense 2022 and Pangborn 2023, on challenges and opportunities in Global Diversity Research.

The overarching theme of this workshop is the implementation of consumer research across and within cultures. Despite increasing globalisation, consumers of diverse genders, cultural and ethnical backgrounds, cohorts, or socioeconomics realities, have their own, rich perspectives when it comes to food choices and consumption behaviours, and different approaches are needed to fully understand them.

The workshop focuses on the diverse challenges of consumer research implementation from different perspectives (academic, consultancy, industrial, innovation), tools, geography, applications and objectives (e.g. identification of common and distinct aspects, segmentation), discussing methodological issues and implications for practice.

Discussants with different experiences present their perspectives. Interaction will be prioritized using a mix of approaches: presentations, group discussions, plenary discussion, and a combination of live Q&A with the use of electronic platforms for real-time interaction.


Introduction to the workshop – Paula Varela

“Multi-country studies: how to adapt to local approaches without sacrificing the test objectives” Kristine Wilke (SSP)

“Challenges and opportunities faced when conducting cross-cultural research: key challenges during the design and implementation of cross-cultural research, in sensory testing, online surveys, and qualitative research” Qian Yang & Agnès Giboreau (E3S)

“Differences in vocabulary and scales usage between Asian countries. Cases encountered conducting research in Asia outside Japan.” Miho Arakawa (Asian Sensory Network)

“How socioeconomic diversity has been addressed in sensory and consumer research? A Latin American perspective on lessons learned, unsolved challenges and future opportunities” Rosires Deliza Red LATAM “The Ten Beads method to capture responses from low literate respondents”. Nomzamo Dlamini / Charmaigne Sehoole. (ANSWER)

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