Sensory Manager job role at Cara Technology, Leatherhead, Surrey, UK

Cara Technology was established in 1995 and today supports FMCG customers in close to 200 countries. It develop and manufacture AROXATM flavour standards, provide sensory proficiency testing schemes, and carry out contract sensory testing of a diverse range of sample types including water, soft drinks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beers, malts, hops and packaging materials.

Assisted by a Sensory Analyst and Sensory Technician, the candidate will be responsible for the activities of our pool of 30 expert sensory assessors, evaluating samples using discriminative tests (eg triangle, tetrad etc) and descriptive tests (eg descriptive profiling, check-all-that-apply, rank-rating etc).

The role involves leadership of our sensory analysis team and expert sensory panel as well as management of test schedules and client projects. The candidate will be responsible for delivering sensory projects from inception through to reporting, ensuring that the test design, session planning, test setup, session moderation, and analysis and interpretation of results fulfils clients’ needs.

This varied role will allow provide the candidate with the opportunity to develop his/her skills in a variety of different areas.

Key responsibilities: (i) Schedule panel sessions with assessors; (ii) Manage the sensory panel and facilitate panel sessions; (iii) Train and develop our sensory assessors; (iv) Recruit, select and screen new assessors as required; (v) Supervise statistical analysis of the data generated by the panel; (vi) Evaluate assessor performance and initiate improvement actions where required; (vii) Generate reports for internal and external use; (viii) Keep clients updated on project progress and contribute to project meetings; (ix) Manage and develop our sensory team staff; (x) Support our development and innovation activities in relation to development of new sensory evaluation products and services.

Requirements: (i) Experience of managing a trained sensory panel; (ii) Computer literate with experience of sensory data capture software and statistical analysis packages; (iii) Excellent organizational skills and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment; (iv) Strong collaboration and communication skills.

Please send your CV and application to

Location: Leatherhead, Surrey

Company: Cara Technology Ltd

Salary: Competitive

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