Professor of Culinary Arts and Meal Science



Örebro University is now looking for a dedicated academic with strong research credential who together with the colleges will develop and strengthen research and education in the subject of Culinary Arts and Meal Science.


At the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science at Örebro University research and education is conducted in the subject Culinary Arts and Meal Science. The subject has, since its origin in the early 1990s, had a strong focus towards the field of hospitality and gastronomy, i.e., hotel and restaurant, and it continues to this day to be of importance for research and education within the expanding hospitality industry.

The subject explores aspects of gastronomy where emphasis is directed towards meal situations in a professional context, both from a producer’s as well as from a guest’s perspective. The professional dimension includes practical knowledge and aesthetics, as well as conditions for professional meal-making with a perspective of sustainable food production and consumption. Within the guest dimension the meal experience is of great importance and this perspective includes sensory analysis but also other areas of the meal experience, such as design, ethnology, food science, environmental science, food culture, food and health, sociology, service science. The subject of Culinary Arts and Meal Science is interdisciplinary to its character and obvious points of contact can be found with subjects in several, if not most, areas of science.

Duties and responsibilities

As a rule, professors at Örebro University spends the bulk of their working hours on research. They are also expected to work actively to bring in external research grants to the subject, take overall responsibility for its research activities, and monitor developments within the subject field internationally. A professor is expected to be involved at all three levels of higher education and to communicate and collaborate around their own and the department’s research activities. Commitment to and participation in the school’s operations and activities is important which requires physical presence at Campus Grythyttan.

Professors are moreover expected, within the scope of their employment, to make themselves available for executive and administrative assignments at the university.


A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise is qualified for employment as a professor.

A general eligibility criterion for permanent teaching positions at Örebro University is that the applicant has completed courses on teaching and learning in higher education corresponding to 10 weeks. Knowledge and skills equivalent to such courses may also be assessed to establish whether these provide eligibility. This assessment will be made by Örebro University. For appointment as professor, the applicant must also have completed courses on doctoral supervision. A professor who at the time of appointment does not meet these criteria must complete the required courses no later than within two years of taking up the position.

This is a permanent full-time position. At Örebro University, salary depends on the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience.

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