Presentation of National Sensory Societies: France, Finland, Denmark

E3S 10th Anniversary Series

7th December 2021, 16 – 17.00 CET – Register now

Want to know more about the activities of national sensory science societies in Europe? Get to know our members in the next E3S webinar.

You will get information on how the societies are organised, how to become a member, and which are their main current and future activities



Dr. Betina Piqueras-Fiszman, Associate Professor at the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group at Wageningen University & Research


Société Française d’Analyse Sensorielle (SFAS), Dr. Agnes Giboreau and Dr. Sébastien Lê, in charge of international relations for the French society.


Finnish Society of Food Science and Technology (ETS), Prof. Mari Sandell and Dr. Terhi Pohjanheimo, member of ETS


The Danish Sensory Society (D2S), Dr. Grethe Hyldig and Dr. Babara Vad Andersen, Chair and Vice chair of D2S



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