POST OF THE MONTH: E3S Annual Symposium 2024

The 12th E3S Annual Symposium recently convened in the picturesque city of Münster, Germany, hosted by the German Sensory Society. This gathering brought together leading experts, researchers, and aspiring students in the field of sensory science under the theme 'The Future is Bright.', Over two days, attendees delved into workshops, keynotes, discussions, and networking opportunities. 
One of the highlights of the event was the workshop organised by the E3S Next Generation Group on "Well-being in Early Career Researchers and PhD". Recognising the challenging journey of navigating academia and research at these formative stages, the workshop highlighted the importance of fostering holistic well-being amidst the rigours of scientific pursuits.

Promoting well-being demands a multifaceted approach, encompassing everything from establishing healthy habits to fostering resilience. However, translating these aspirations into daily routines poses a significant hurdle. Time constraints, institutional norms, and entrenched routines often thwart efforts to prioritize self-care.

The workshop, adopting a hybrid format, facilitated both online and in-person participation. Attendees shared their stress management strategies, ranging from time-blocking techniques to overcoming impostor syndrome. Additionally, Carmen Kettler, a PhD student at FM Münster, delivered an insightful address on promoting well-being in academia.

Several key insights emerged from the discussions:
•	Time Management and Efficiency: Employ time-blocking strategies and the Priority/Urgency matrix to enhance productivity.
•	Scientific Paper Writing: Familiarize oneself with journal author guidelines and utilize bullet-point lists for each section.
•	Assertiveness in Project Groups: Initiate conversations with constructive statements, focusing on the problem rather than the individual.
•	Managing Presentation Stress: Preparation is paramount for boosting confidence before presentations or collaborative meetings.
•	Planning Sensory/Consumer Studies: Cultivate confidence and readiness for all eventualities to ensure successful study execution.
•	Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Combat self-doubt by refraining from unnecessary apologies and maintaining professionalism.

Looking ahead, the E3S NextGen Committee anticipates further enriching activities, including participation in EUROSENSE 2024 and the upcoming webinar series. For those who wish to get involved, registration for the next webinar is open (register for the next webinar here). 

Warm regards,
E3S NextGen Committee
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