PhD Studentship – Proteins and Biomaterials at Agresearch and Massey University

PhD Studentship:
Peptide profiling and predictive modelling of fermented foods

Agresearch and Massey University, New Zealand

Applications Close: 28th February 2018

The PhD project’s aims are (i) to perform in-depth profiling and identification of peptides from progressive fermentation time points, and conduct predictive modelling of fermentation intermediate points and end points based on earlier profiles; and (ii) to collaborate with parallel work in human taste receptor assays with the goal of using peptide profiles of fermented products to predictively model the responses of the taste receptors and humans to these products. We anticipate that techniques will include proteomics/peptidomics based on mass spectrometry, sensory evaluation and various data processing and bioinformatics software. Further, the use of statistical and other software allowing predictive mathematical modelling of fermentation, and of flavours generated in the process, will be required.

You will work with supervisors from AgResearch and Massey University, and will perform the majority of your research in the AgResearch laboratories in Lincoln.

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