PhD Studentship at the University of Reading

Project title: Investigating the influence of texture modified (pureed) meals on satiety and dietary intake in older adults

Supervisors: Prof. Lisa Methven and Dr. Miriam Clegg

Deadline for application: 30th August 2019

Project Overview: Dietary intakes are generally considered to be lower on texture modified diets compared to standard diets. The extent to which this is due to sensory specific satiety (including texture monotony), poor palatability, lack of recognition of the food type, texture-driven perception fullness and macronutrient density is unclear. It is also not clear whether this is predominantly due to within meal satiety and/or between meal satiety.

The current project, through a series of studies, will explore the appetite and sensory properties of texture modified diets, as well as ways to increase energy and protein intake, in both healthy older adults and in elderly care wards or care homes. This studentship is funded by Apetito ( and the University of Reading.

For further information please contact Prof. Lisa Methven ( or Dr Miriam Clegg (

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