PhD scholarship with University of Nottingham and University of Adelaide

Adelaide, Australia & Nottingham, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 28th February 2021

Project Title: 

Connecting consumers with their food via innovative virtual experiences.


Social isolation and loneliness are related to mental health, physical health and well-being. The COVID19 pandemic has seen a vast increase in those self-isolating from a variety of age groups globally. Social eating has been shown to reduce feelings of loneliness and increase intakes which is key for those at risk of malnutrition. In addition, consumers are looking for alternative ways to connect with their food during the pandemic as eating out still presents risks for many individuals. This research project will innovate using digital technologies to develop virtual experiences that connect consumers with their food. Virtual visits (via Virtual Reality) to food and beverage producers will be developed and the content of these visits varied to explore the impact of information on sustainable production, sensory perception (via guided tastings), emotional connection and health education on consumer satisfaction, pleasure, social connection and subjective loneliness. Cultural effects between UK and Australia will be explored to understand the needs of consumers living in different climates, before extending to other cultures (e.g. China) to explore the needs of consumers globally.

How does it work?

The University of Adelaide (UofA) will be your home institution and the University of Nottingham (UofN) will be your host. 

During your time overseas, you will be based at a Nottingham campus in the UK, China (near Shanghai), or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

  • You will begin your PhD at UofA, developing your research proposal, skills and starting your research.
    * It is also possible for students who are unable to travel to Australia to begin their study at the University of Nottingham
  • Your project will be co-supervised by both UofA and UofN academics.
    • UofN supervisor: Dr. Rebecca Ford
    • UofA supervisor: Associate Professor Susan Bastian, Professor Rachel Ankeny
  • After your first year at UofA you’ll spend a minimum of 12 months at UofN (in one or several blocks). 
  • Importantly, you will be eligible for training courses and additional travel grants from both institutions.
  • You’ll undertake your examination, including an oral defence at UofA. 
  • Graduates of the program receive a single doctoral degree jointly awarded by both institutions.

What’s on offer?

The strategic partnership between the University of Nottingham and University of Adelaide is in the process of developing a Joint Global Health and Wellbeing Hub aimed at attaining sustainable solutions to global health issues, improving health and wellbeing across the lifespan. The hub will focus on developing and translating fundamental and applied research with the joint vision of improving health and wellness across the lifespan, equitably in all populations globally.

Under this initiative, PhD scholarships are available for projects aimed at obtaining sustainable solutions for global health challenges. This project fall under the cluster area 4.

Cluster Area 4: Consumer driven technology development, precision imaging, machine learning, and affordable diagnostics and therapeutics, initially focusing on research strengths in health & biotechnology, biophotonics, next generation precision imaging, digital innovation and machine learning.

How to apply?

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Identify an Joint PhD project of interest from the available opportunities advertised above
  3. Application instructions for international applications and domestic applications
  4. Apply for via the University of Adelaide’s online application form.

**Note: These projects are only open to applicants with United Kingdom or Australian Citizenship, currently residing in the United Kingdom or Australia.  International applicants with valid visas onshore in the United Kingdom or Australia may apply and a copy of your visa should be submitted with your application.

Email the HDR Admissions Team for assistance with the online application on for International Applications or for Domestic Applications.

Further information and to apply:

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