This working group is formed with the aim of promoting the knowledge of and application of sensory analysis to PDO products. Traditional local foods can also be considered but the stress is placed on PDOs. A network of sensory scientists interested in PDO will improve the professional status of members, enhance the knowledge of PDOs characteristics and produce results useful to both producers and consumers. The working group will use the experience of its members in sensory analysis of PDOs products first to explore problems then to try to solve them. The working group can also serve as a basis for organizing European, national or regional funded projects.


  • The E3S PDO WG collaborates with the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) for the development of guidelines for the sensory evaluation of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) food and wine products
    Sensory characteristics are quoted by the EU regulation 1151/12, which deals with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The producers of PDO products have to present to the EU authorities a technical specification of their product including the sensory description to be included with the PDO logo. This European regulation also establishes that sensory characteristics included in PDO technical specification must be guaranteed. “Official sensory control” is used to verify the compliance of the product with these defined sensory characteristics. Evaluating the sensory compliance of PDO products in relation to the sensory description in their official specifications is a difficult task because there are not standard methods for such evaluations. There are currently very different sensory practices in Europe with respect to PDO and achieving harmonization will benefit by all interested parties. This guideline should be a tool for laboratories or panels working in the field of sensory control of PDO products. It presents examples of methodological approaches for the control of PDO products to satisfy technical requirements of the ISO/ IEC 17025 standard, and may be an informative document used as part of the inspection of sensory practices by accreditation bodies. E3S has become an European Accreditation (EA) recognized stakeholder collaborating in the preparation of this guideline for the harmonization of methodological approaches and technical criteria for the sensory control of PDO food products.
  • PDO WG WORKSHOP, 8th MAY 2018 – Registration open
    Location: Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin 15, Ireland
    Time: 15,30 – 17,30
    15,30 – 16,30:
    – M.Zannoni, F.J. Perez Elortondo, A proposal for the structure of  a guideline for sensory analysis of PDOs food products and wines.
    – P.Piccinali,  The E3S WG PDO at the “Journée internationale des Concours des Produits du Terroir” in Courtemelon, Switzerland, 30 september 2017.
    – L. Cunha, Results of a survey about consumers’ awareness, knowledge and image of PDO products in Portugal.
    16,30 – 17,00: Discussion
    At the end of the workshop between 17,00 and 17,30 the WG PDO management meeting will be held.
  • E3S PDO WG article recently published in Food Control:
    Current status and perspectives of the official sensory control methods in protected designation of origin food products and wines, Food Control, Volume 88, 2018, Pages 159-168, ISSN 0956-7135, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodcont.2018.01.010.
    Francisco José Pérez-Elortondo, Ronan Symoneaux, Iñaki Etaio, Cécile Coulon-Leroy, Isabelle Maître, Mario Zannoni
    Download the paper here: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1WgDo3PY0vQFl4
    Keywords: PDO; Food; Wine; Sensory; Control; Method; Accreditation
  • E3S PDO WG Workshop – May 9th 2017 – L’Oreal, Paris
    NEW: Read the report Report WG PDO Paris
  • Symposium organised by the Organismo Controllo Qualità Produzioni Regolamentate in collaboration with the E3S PDO WG
    Sensory analysis and certification of Designation of Origin products between Europe and Italy: methods and perspectives
    February 21st 2017, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • 2nd E3S WG PDO SEMINAR – Dijon, 14 September 2016
    Read the report report-wg-pdo-seminar-dijon

    Location: AGROSUP, 26 Boulevard Dr Petitjean, Dijon Time: 15-17 – Read more
    REGISTRATIONS: to register please contact mariozan@ocqpr.it.
    15.00 – 16.00

    • Mario Zannoni, Patxi Pérez Elortondo, Isabelle Maître, Ronan Symoneaux – Sensory analysis for PDO official control in France, Italy and Spain: points in common and differences;
    • Elisa Gredilla, Francesco Santini. Accreditation of the sensory analysis of PDO;
    • Luis Guerrero – Results of a survey about consumer’s awareness, knowledge and image of PDO products.

    16.00 – 17.00

    • Discussion

    At the end of the seminar, between 17.00 and 18.00, the WG PDO management meeting will be held.

  • November 2015: PDO Products Working Group held a workshop in Rome The workshop was kindly hosted by the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics. Research Center on Food and Nutrition, CRA NUT, Rome. The host was dr. Fiorella Sinesio whose help and commitment has been essential for the success of the event.The participants enjoyed eight presentations and many fruitful discussions.If you are interested, read the detailed report about the event:Report WG PDO Rome nov 2015The next management meeting will take place during Eurosense in Dijon. Feel free to contact us for more information! pdo@e3sensory.eu747866_web_R_by_Holger Rempt_pixelio.de

    © Holger Rempt  / pixelio.de

  • E3S PDO PRODUCT WORKING GROUP WORKSHOPRome, November 17th, 2015First results survey methods and accreditation – preliminary results consumer surveyFurther information: Program & Registration (NEW)
  • May 2015: PDO Products Working Group in Oslo

Carolina Chaya presented the PDO products working group’s activities and gave an update to the E3S board and delegates at E3S General Assembly in Oslo, 11th May 2015. In total five members of the PDO products working group attended the IV E3S SYMPOSIUM & XVI NORDIC WORKSHOP IN SENSORY SCIENCE.

The next working group meeting will take place in Rome. Feel free to contact us for more information! pdo@e3sensory.eu

Oslo_PDO WG Attendees

Oslo, PDO WG Attendees: Guido Ritter, Patrizia Piccinali, Fiorella Sinesio,
Carolina Chaya, Elisabeth Buchinger

Download the report of the 2014/15 activities of the E3S PDO WG, presented during the General Assembly (Oslo, May 11th 2015): Working Group PDO Oslo 2015

Contact: pdo@e3sensory.eu