Past News

E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group meeting was held online on September 23rd 2020 from 9.30 to 12.

Download the slides of the meeting: E3S Taste sensitivity WG meeting 23 Sept 20

The agenda for the day is the following:

  • Launch of a survey on the use and application of methods to assess PROP, tactile acuity, fungiform papillae number, basic tastes and somatosensory responsiveness, psychological traits;
    –> Objective: get a picture of the diversity in methods at European level
  • Set up of sub-working groups with different aims; some proposals are:
    • Collaborative studies between members: validation of remote testing procedures to collect taste sensitivity responses (e.g. PROP)
    • Collaborative studies between members: data sharing and analyses of extant data sets with the aim of comparing different methodologies to measure taste responsiveness (e.g. PROP, papillae, tastes)
    • Comparison of methods to measure taste responsiveness and definition of guidelines (e.g. taste acuity)
    • Translation in different European languages of psychological trait questionnaires to create a collection with open access for E3S members
    • Pleasure sensitivity (hedonia) measurement (Barbara Vad Andersen, Aarhus University)
  • Discussion & Proposals

The participation is open to all E3S members who are already members of the E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group or that would like to join the WG.

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