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deadline 30 November 2012

FEM is looking for a motivated student interested in data analysis and software development for PTR-MS applications and, in particular, for PTR-ToF-MS.

Talented and motivated candidates who have, or are expecting to obtain a Master or equivalent degree in a field relevant to the research undertaken within the CRI, are invited to submit their application on-line.The on-line application is open from 9 to 30 November (12 pm central European time). Short listed candidates will be interviewed in December.

AL_05 – Data analysis of Volatile compounds

KEYWORDS – Data analysis, statistical analysis, volatile compounds, time of flight mass spectrometry, proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry.

JOB DESCRIPTION – The candidate will support and enhance data analysis activities of the “Volatile compounds” facility based on direct injection mass spectrometry and will be involved in the development of new advanced spectra analysis techniques and related software and in the implementation of multivariate analysis and data mining methods.

– extend the data analysis capabilities of the facility in particular for PTR-MS instruments equipped with  quadrupole mass analyser, time of flight mass analyser and switching reagent ions systems as well as of other related instrumentation;
– develop suitable data analysis strategies for the different applications of the availble equipments (e.g. food science and technology, medical science, environmental science, plant physiology);
– implement multivariate and data mining methods;
– develop the existing software and produce new software tools;
– support data analysis activities of the “Volatile compounds” facility.

IT KNOWLEDGE – Strong IT background. Preference will be given to candidates with experience with statistical software, data analysis software and development environments related to programming and instrument control. Advanced programming knowledge of technical computing languages (e.g. Matlab) will be a plus.

TYPE OF TITLE – Physics, chemistry, computer science, engineering  and other related degrees.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE – Preference will be given to candidate with experience in data analysis, programming, statistics and electronics.

TUTOR – Franco Biasioli (FEM)

RESEARCH GROUP – Volatile compounds platform (Food Quality and Nutrition Department)

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