Nonfood Sensory Practices

Edited by Anne-Marie Pense-Lheritier Irene Bacle Julien Delarue

Woodhead Publishing, 2021

Nonfood Sensory Practices demonstrates how sensory professionals from nonfood sectors have embraced sensory evaluation methods for product development and communication of their products’ sensory properties. The book results from the contribution of the members of the Nonfood Working Group of the European Sensory Science Society.

It will benefit those sensory professionals who wish to apply and adapt their expertise in food sensory science to other types of products, as well as to those working in nonfood sectors but with lesser background in sensory evaluation.

Many nonfood products are intrinsically complex. They can be used in diverse ways, often in strong interaction with context and unlike food over several hours, days, or months. Nonfood Sensory Practices shows how sensory professionals have adapted to these specificities, as well as the specific ways to manage panels and the different strategies for dealing with consumers, users, customers, and sometimes patients.

Sensory scientists, sensory science professionals, including those working in R&D and marketing, as well as academics and students studying related fields, will find this book a useful reference.

This book
• Presents general methodological principles
• Promotes the added value of sensory evaluation to nonfood applications
• Includes case studies that help readers understand how to adapt foodcentric sensory methods and beyond

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