IFST Sensory Science Group Webinar: Who needs AI when we have HI ?

24 September 2020 (11:00 – 12:00)


This webinar will start with a quick introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Machine Learning (ML), and will then share several examples of AI and ML in food and non-food applications within sensory and consumer science, some of which you may be very familiar with.

What you will learn about:

Attendees will be given advice on how to learn more about the applications of these techniques and how to implement them in their workplace. The role of Human Intelligence (HI) in the context of AI will be explored. Future applications of AI in sensory science will also be discussed so please bring along your ideas to share.


Lauren Rogers, Sensory Science Consultant

Lauren is an active member of the IFST’s Sensory Science Group, and currently leads their Accreditation and Education working group, helping to coordinate their range of sensory science qualifications.

Lauren Rogers is a freelance sensory scientist living in the beautiful Staffordshire Peak District in the United Kingdom. As well as working for several different clients on many different types of projects, Lauren also lectures on sensory science at the University of Nottingham and Le Cordon Bleu. She loves to run training courses in sensory science and related topics. Lauren is particularly interested in the sensory, consumer and emotional attributes of brands; sensory shelf-life; panel performance; and sensory claim substantiation. She has experience in many food products including snacks, drinks and pet-food, as well as home and personal care products such as shampoos, toothpastes and creams.

Free to attend

Booking Link: https://www.ifst.org/events/943/sensory-science-group-webinar-who-needs-ai-when-we-have-hi

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