IFST conference 2016


Thursday, June 16, 2016
SCI, 14-15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS

A one-day interactive conference organised by IFSTs Sensory Science Group (SSG)

The Sensory Science Group is very pleased to announce that their annual one-day interactive conference will be held at in London at SCI. This successful event aims to bring together sensory and consumer research professionals from academia and industry working from a wide range of sectors, where they can network and keep up to date with the ever evolving world of sensory science.

The theme for the conference this year is challenges and solutions. In today’s world products are often formulated for general consumption around the world as global brands.  At the same time, other products are created for very specific demographics such as children or the elderly or individuals with specific medical conditions.  These individuals can have very exact needs or requirements.

Sensory and consumer science supports new product development and marketing in a range of sectors including food; non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks; functional foods; personal care; household products; over the counter medicines; pharmaceuticals;  cars and electronics.  Some of these sectors bring new challenges in terms of sample and panel management, ethics and methodology but also bring the opportunity to learn from other sectors.

This one-day conference will address these challenges, with presentations discussing ethics, globalisation of brands, new or complex methodologies and assessment protocols.  Solutions and innovative work arounds to these challenges will be discussed.


  • Who can we ask to participate in testing and what sort of safeguards need to be put into place for their safety and privacy?
  • What sort of techniques are available for researching ethically challenging products such as alcohol, e-cigarettes, over-the-counter medicines, etc.?
  • What sort of techniques are available for testing sensory challenging products such as spicy sauces and condiments, chewing gums, etc.
  • How can we develop research methods that are applicable in a global context, but still relevant to the local situation?

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: If you would like to contribute to the programme in the form of a talk, poster or interactive workshop, please submit your abstract to Sarah Gough  by the 1st April 2016.

HOW TO BOOK FOR THIS EVENT Registration for this event will open shortly detailing delegate prices and how to exhibit at the event.  If you require further information, please contact Sarah Gough.


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