Grethe Hyldig



Technical University of Denmark (DTU)



Grethe Hyldig, cand.lact., Ph.D., is Senior Researcher in Sensory Science and the leader of the sensory group in the Division of Industrial Food Research in DTU Food at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The sensory group has an extensive knowledge and experience within the area of sensory quality at the different steps in food chains especially of fish and fish products. The group works with consumer preferences, sensory quality and developing of sensory methods. An important part of the work is development of methods evaluating eating quality and shelf life of seafood, which makes it possible to predict quality and shelf life.
Grethe is the core researcher in the development and validation of the Quality Index Method (QIM) schemes internationally. Her work includes communication to the consumers and data mining of data from consumer studies.
She gives lectures in academic courses at Copenhagen University and DTU. Training and supervision of BSc, MSc. and Ph.D. students is also included as well as, courses in basic sensory evaluation for the food industry. She gives national and international QIM courses, both for implementation and use of QIM and for developing new schemes at all academic levels. She is on the organising committee of the Sixth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research in Copenhagen 2014.