Flavoria Research Visit – EuroSense 2022

A site visit is being arranged to Flavoria Research on 13 September 2022: Space is limited to 45 persons on a first-come, first-served basis.

Flavoria® is a multidisciplinary research platform and, at the same time, a unique lunch restaurant, café, and snack shop. The research conducted in Flavoria focuses on producing new scientific knowledge and consumer understanding for the sustainable development of both society and businesses. Research possibilities and environments are offered for both scientific and commercial entities, including research institutions, students writing their theses or companies developing their products and services.
During the presentations, you will hear more about the services and an example of the research the facilities enable.


11:15   Opening Words: Welcome to University of Turku

11:25   What is Flavoria® Research Platform? Introduction to Flavoria and Aistikattila – Pauliina Ojansivu

11:45   Measuring consumer choices and liking for academic and commercial research in Flavoria – Mari Norrdal

12:05   The Sound of Silence: Presence and absence of sound affects meal duration and hedonic eating experience – Signe Lund Mathiensen

12:25 Time for discussion


You can sign up to visit Flavoria by emailing c.mole@elsevier.com
Please note there is a maximum capacity of 45 people.

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