E3S Education working group has the aim to gather information on Sensory training across Europe. The aim is the creation of an archive of sensory science university courses updated each year and published on the E3S website.

The E3S Education WG is coordinated by Dr. Paula Varela, Nofima (Norway) (former coordinator: prof. Hely Tuorila; prof. Catherine Dacremont)

The E3S Education WG main activity is to maintain a course list up to date. It include over 200 courses. The annual turnover rate is about 10%.

Education WG national representatives are the link between domestic universities, national Sensory groups and E3S. Their tasks are to collect data to be shared in the E3S network and to spread relevant information related to education to everyone.

The Education WG will launch a YouTube channel featuring short videos made by students for students to illustrate and explain key aspect of sensory evaluation. They could be related to methodology as well as data analysis. Any contribution is most welcome!

E3S Education WG collected information on external evaluators/opponents for PhD defenses on sensory science. Here is a list in progress list of external evaluators-opponents. Please contact the coordinator or national representative in order to update integrate the information.

National E3S Education WG Representatives

National SocietyContact Personemail
DenmarkBodil Helene
Switzerland*Jeannette Nuessli
The NetherlandBetina Piqueras
United KingdomJoanne

*indicates contacts updated in 2020

If you give a university course in sensory science, you are invited to give your contribution to the creation of an archive on the E3S website. Contact the national E3S Education WG Representative in your country.


Next meetings:

  • December 10th 2020, h 13:00 – 14:30
  • October 30th 2020, h 13:30-15:00

E3S Education Workshop – 8th May 2018, Dublin

Download the report: minute WP Education2018

E3S Education Workshop – 9th May 2016, The Netherlands

Download the report: 2016-05-09 E3S Education WG minute

A workshop of the E3S Education Working Group will be held in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, in occasion of the annual General Assembly and symposium.


  1. Bilateral exchange programs
  2. Listing the interactive lectures on sensory with links and invitations (request from the Board of the Swedish Sensory Network);
  3. Presentation of the Sensory programs in the Netherland (as the “host country”);
  4. Working on the action: “increasing awareness of the career as sensory analysts


Three actions have been identified at the last Education WG meeting in May 2015 in Oslo:

Action 1: Sensory science education programs – updating the list for academic year 2015-2016

Action 2: Promoting student and staff mobility across UE – identifying exchange programs / scholarships

Action 3: Making Sensory evaluation & Sensory analyst activity better known – collect and compile available information in each national society; share ideas to communicate on Sensory analysist activity

Download the Report of the E3S Education workshop held in Oslo, May 11th 2015: 2015-05-11 E3S Education WG minutes

Deadlines 2016 – MEMO:

  • January the 7th: course info have to sent to the national representative in each country
  • January the 15th: course info have to be sent by national representatives to the WG coordinator Catherine Dacremont (copy to Sara Spinelli,
  • January the 31th (at the lastest): publishing the course list on the website
  • NEW: February the 19th: list of bilateral agreements between universities to be sent by national representatives to the WG coordinator Catherine Dacremont (copy
  • February the 29th (at the lastest): publishing the agreement list on the website