E3S Workshop at Eurosense 2020

Tuesday 15 December 2020 | 16h10 – 17h40

Covid-19 and sensory science: implications on perception, consumer preferences and testing

Coordinators: Caterina Dinnella (SISS), Laura Laguna (AEPAS) and Sara Spinelli (SISS)

Discussants: Erminio Montelone, Paula Varela, Julien Delarue, Monica Laureati, Rebecca Ford, John Hayes and Hely Tuorila

The aim of this workshop organised by the European Sensory Science Society (E3S) is to bring together researchers with recent insights on how the COVID-19 situation has impacted the research in our field and also the way we conduct research. From the way in which COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviours around Europe, through how knowledge on sensory perception could inform governmental decisions, to best practices to interact with participants in our studies and obtain the best quality data possible given the circumstances, this workshop invites everyone to share their learnings. Rather than consisting in a sequence of presentations, the workshop will invite researchers to discuss from their experience around a range of topics. While showing data of some projects is encouraged, the idea is mostly to share expertise and points of view on how to move forward and how to benefit from what we have learned.

  1. Changes in sensory and consumer data collection during Covid-19 pandemic
    • Arnaud Thomas and Cecile Petit, on behalf of the SFAS (Société Française d’Analyse Sensorielle), Covid-19: an opportunity to innovatively adapt sensory panels and consumer tests
    • Caterina Dinnella, Monica Borgogno, Stefano Predieri and Tullia Gallina Toschi on behalf of the SISS (Italian Sensory Science Society) Remote testing: sensory test during Covid-19 pandemic
  2. Changes in consumer behaviour during lockdown
    • Laura Laguna, Food searches, trends, shares, habits and motivations during the first outbreak of COVID-19)
    • Valérie Almli, Finally time to cook? Self-reported transformations in consumer food habits after seven weeks in the corona lock-down)
    • Maria Piochi, Changes in liking for the domestic meals during the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy: a large-scale study
  3. Contribution of sensory science to the research on Covid-19
    • Sara Spinelli, Smell and taste loss as early markers of covid-19. Self-reported smell and taste loss are early markers of the COVID-19 pandemic and of the effectiveness of political decisions
    • Caterina Dinnella, Relationship Between Odor Intensity Estimates and COVID-19 Prevalence Prediction in a Swedish Population
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