E3S WG Taste Sensitivity

The WG was set up during the general assembly held in Oslo in May 2015, when members agreed on the organisation of a new E3S Working Group aimed at joining together the different groups interested in investigating the role of taste sensitivity (TS) on food preference and food related behavior. Prof. Erminio Monteleone (University of Florence) was proposed to coordinate that group. Since 2019 the Working Group is coordinated by prof. Caterina Dinnella and dr. Sara Spinelli (University of Florence).


Next E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group meeting will be held online on September 23rd 2020 from 9.30 to 12.

Download the slides of the meeting: E3S Taste sensitivity WG meeting 23 Sept 20

The agenda for the day is the following:

  • Launch of a survey on the use and application of methods to assess PROP, tactile acuity, fungiform papillae number, basic tastes and somatosensory responsiveness, psychological traits;
    –> Objective: get a picture of the diversity in methods at European level
  • Set up of sub-working groups with different aims; some proposals are:
    • Collaborative studies between members: validation of remote testing procedures to collect taste sensitivity responses (e.g. PROP)
    • Collaborative studies between members: data sharing and analyses of extant data sets with the aim of comparing different methodologies to measure taste responsiveness (e.g. PROP, papillae, tastes)
    • Comparison of methods to measure taste responsiveness and definition of guidelines (e.g. taste acuity)
    • Translation in different European languages of psychological trait questionnaires to create a collection with open access for E3S members
    • Pleasure sensitivity (hedonia) measurement (Barbara Vad Andersen, Aarhus University)
  • Discussion & Proposals

The participation is open to all E3S members who are already members of the E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group or that would like to join the WG.

You will then receive an invitation to join the meeting through Meet.

E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group Members

 Surname/Name InstitutionCountry
1Tuomo Tupasela Luke Natural Resources Institute Finland Finland
2Mari SandellUniversity of TurkuFinland
3Lise DreyfussBiofortis, ParisFrance
4Huguette Nicod Biofortis, ParisFrance
5Pascal Schlich INRAFrance
6Christophe Martin INRAFrance
7Agnes Giboreau Institut Paul BocuseFrance
8Hannah JilaniUnit Lifestyle Related Disorders, BremenGermany
9Emily Crofton Teagasc Food Research Centre, Dublin Ireland
10Emma Feeney UCD Institute of Food and Health, Dublin Ireland
11Erminio Monteleone University of Florence - SISSItaly
12Caterina Dinnella University of Florence - SISSItaly
13Nicola Pirastu IRCCS Burlo Garofolo, Trieste - SISSItaly
14Antonietta Robino IRCCS Burlo Garofolo, Trieste - SISSItaly
15Flavia Gasperi Mach Foundation, San Michele all’Adige, Trento - SISS Italy
16Isabella Endrizzi Mach Foundation, San Michele all’Adige, Trento - SISS Italy
17Sara Spinelli SemioSensory Research & Consulting, Prato - SISS Italy
18Maria Piochi University of Gastronomic Science - SISS Italy
19Ada Braghieri University of Basilicata - SISSItaly
20Luiselli Donata University of Bologna - SISSItaly
21Tullia Gallina Toschi University of Bologna - SISSItaly
22Marta AppianiUniversity of MilanItaly
23Laureati MonicaUniversity of MilanItaly
24John PrescottUniversity of Florence (Visiting Professor)Italy
25Margrethe Hersleth NofimaNorway
26Paula Varela NofimaNorway
27Valérie Lengard Almli NofimaNorway
28Kristine Myhrer NofimaNorway
29Carolina Chaya Technical University of MadridSpain
30Amparo TarregaIATA Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Science, ValenciaSpain
31Begoña AlfaroAZTI, BizkaiaSpain
32Karin Wendin Kristianstad UniversitySweden
33Mia Prim University of GothenburgSweden
34Patrizia Piccinali Agroscope Institute for Food Sciences IFS Switzerland
35Barbara Guggenbühl Agroscope Institute for Food Sciences IFS Switzerland
36Alexandra Schmid Agroscope Institute for Food Sciences IFS Switzerland
37Annette Bongartz ZHAW, School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Switzerland
38Kees De GraafWageningen UniversityThe Netherlands
39Marcel Paques FrieslandCampinaThe Netherlands
40Marion EmorineHeinekenThe Netherlands
41Ben LawlorDanone Nutricia ResearchThe Netherlands
42Lisa Methven The University of ReadingUK
43Joanne Hort University of NottinghamUK
44Qian (Candy) Yang University of Nottingham UK
45Becki Ford University of Nottingham UK
46Martha Skinner University of Nottingham UK

Researchers from E3S members interested in participating to the WG are invited to register sending an e-mail to the e3s secretary (secretary@e3sensory.eu) indicating also specific research interests such as:

  • Physiological indices of TS
  • Genetics of TS
  • Measurements of TS
  • Psychological traits & TS
  • Implications of TS on food preferences and food intake
  • Socio-demographic and socio-cultural characteristics, lifestyle, attitudes & TS
  • Implications of TS on health and nutrition
  • Statistical approaches to taste segmentation

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