E3S Taste Sensitivity WG Survey


The E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group has developed a survey to map the use and application of methods to assess taste stimuli and markers of oral responsiveness and psychological traits in Europe.

The questionnaire is not personal but referred to a research unit (sensory laboratory). You will be asked to provide details about the methods and technical aspects of the methodologies you apply to measure taste stimuli and markers of oral responsiveness (PROP status, fungiform papillae and tactile acuity) and psychological traits. In case you have never collected one (or more than one) of these variables, you may skip the relative section.

This information will be used within the E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group to get a picture of the application of these methods in Europe.

Furthermore, you will be asked if you are willing to share data and analyses of extant datasets with the aim of comparing different methodologies to measure taste responsiveness (e.g. PROP, papillae, tastes) and psychological traits. This information is collected to evaluate the possibility of collaborative studies within the E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group. You are not asked to share these data sets now, but only to specify if you are willing to do it in the future.


Link to the questionnaires:



More than one contact person per research unit can fill in different sections of the questionnaire (e.g. one could fill in the PROP section and one the papillae section, based on their specific experience).

BEFORE STARTING, please ensure that you have the information about concentrations and methods used available. In any case, the questionnaire can be started and paused, to be continued later. In this case please remember to SAVE to avoid losing your data (you can use the button “Save and continue later”)

The estimated time to fill in the complete questionnaire is 45 minutes. The length could be lower if you did not collect data related to all the variables mentioned and if you have all the information available.

Please forward this questionnaire to anybody you think may be interested and fill it in by the 1st of May, in order to get a picture of the results before the next E3S general assembly.

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