The European Sensory Science Society is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 edition of the E3S Eurosense Student Awards.

The E3S Eurosense Student Award Committee thanks all the 28 students that applied and congratulate them on the extremely high level of the extended abstracts submitted. There are four awards and two special mentions. The fourth award has been split due to an ex-aequo situation.


Julia Sick – E3S Eurosense Student Pieter Punter Award
University of Florence (SISS, Italy)

Development of an emoji-based self-report measurement tool to measure emotions elicited by foods in pre-adolescents

Oral presentation

Parallel session 5: Beyond liking 

Tuesday 15th December | 10h00 – 10h15

Naomi Muñoz Vilches – E3S Eurosense Student Award
Wageningen University & Research (MOA, The Netherlands)

Tell me what you imagine and I will tell you what you want: The effects of mental simulation on desire and food choice

Oral presentation

Parallel session 1: Consumer Behaviour

Monday 14th December | 9h50 – 10h05

Kaat Philippe – E3S Eurosense Student Award
INRAE, Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior (CSGA) (SFAS, France)

Child eating behaviours and parental feeding practices during the COVID-19 lockdown in France: Did they change?

Extended Flash poster presentation on COVID-19 & Poster presentation

Tuesday 15th December | 12h06 – 12h13

Emma Regan – ex aequo E3S Eurosense Student Award
University College Dublin (SFNI, Ireland)

Oral nutritional supplements – exploring if older and younger adults perceive their texture differently, using the temporal dominance of sensations technique

Oral presentation

Parallel session 9 : Healthy eating

Tuesday 15th December | 17h10 – 17h25

Martina Galler – ex aequo E3S Eurosense Student Award
Nofima, Ås – The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (SSG, Norway)

“A food blog as online tool for qualitative and creative research with children”

Oral presentation

Workshop 2

Monday 14th December | 14h25 – 15h55

Co-creation of healthy food ideas with children – creative focus group vs. web-based

Oral presentation

Parallel session 11: Consumer behaviour methods

Wednesday 16th December | 11h25 – 11h40

We would like to give special mentions to Lapo Pierguidi (SISS, Italy) and Ervina Ervina (SSG, Norway) for the high quality of their research presented in their submitted application.

Lapo Pierguidi – special mention
University of Florence, Italy

Sensory drivers of emotions and contexts in different cocktail preference segments

Oral presentation – Early Career Research Seminar and  Poster

Sunday 13th December | 12h40 – 12h50

Ervina Ervina – special mention
Nofima, Norway. The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (SSG, Norway).

Investigating the relationship between taste sensitivity and food liking in 11-year-old children

Oral presentation

Parallel session 9: Healthy eating

Tuesday 15th December | 16h40 – 16h55

If you are attending the conference, do not miss the oral/poster presentations of the winners and the award ceremony during the online – conference.

  • Tuesday 15th December 2020 – 9:35-9:45 E3S Students Awards, Rebecca Ford and Carolina Chaya

Further information: www.eurosense.elsevier.com

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